Sensing that we are soil and trees are in us


“Gutta cavat lapidem”: this latin proverb can be translated in english in many ways but the meaning is always the same : a steady, persevering, little action can bring to important results. In the same way, every day, drop-by-drop EVOO defends our body by providing essential elements like polyphenols and unsaturated fatty acids (the “good ones”).

Nevertheless, in order for EVO to produce a good result for our body ….it must be produced in a good way. Our trees are fed with organic fertilizers and treated with copper only once a year after trimming (respecting the specs. of organic agriculture) in order to avoid the spread of fungus.

The trees of our farm are the ones typical of Greve valley : some have spread world-wide such as Leccino and Frantoio, others are more locally related such as Moraiolo and Leccio del Corno. This year we have just planted 150 trees of the latter in order to have a single-variety EVO of such cultivar in a few years.

The result of our work can only be evaluated by tasting the product but the lab analysis of EVO provides an important reference of the key features (click here). We are talking of a blend EVO, following the tradition, produced by applying the latest teqniques that have radically changed the quality, the freshness and the durability of the product : harvesting by hand, squeezing within 24-48 hours by cold process in a mill a few km from our fields, whose processing technology is among the best available.

Needless to say, we witness the whole process from loading the fruits till the output of EVO. “Artisanal Agriculture” is our philosophy: using traditional techniques (hoe is less and less used but organic fertilizers must be buried to the feet of the trees to be properly absorbed), avoiding productivity by all means, trimming manually. A kind of organic agriculture ante-litteram : by belief rather than certifications. Furthermore is a way to treasure a unique landscape, to stay close to our roots and our land, part of our history rather than production means.

An old lady from Greve recently stated that “once disappeared the peasants, then disappeared the health” : maybe it is too pessimistic but Artisanal Agriculture for us means to respect our land and ourselves.

Product Description

AREA OF PRODUCTION Hills of Chianti Classico region
LOCATION ULIVIETI Greve River valley
NATURE OF THE SOIL clay, medium fertility
AVERAGE ALTITUDE 350 metres a.s.l.
TYPE OF OLIVES Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo, Pendolino
HARVESTING PERIOD from early November to early December
EXTRACTION METHOD cold method (Pieralisi continuos cycle) within 24-48 hours from harvesting
COLOUR green color with gold highlights
TASTE well harmonized, medium fruity taste, slight bitter and spicy
AROMA Fruity, fresh intense fragrance of grass and artichoke
USAGE our EVO s flavors are enhanced in dishes where the EVO is consumed raw, It’s perfect for cooking too
PACKAGING packaged in cans of 0,25 – 0,50 – 1 – 3 – 5 Liters