It's not only wine that sings, olive oil sings too, it lives in us with its ripe light and among the good things of the earth I set apart, olive oil, your ever-flowing peace, your green essence, your heaped-up treasure which descends in streams from the olive tree. (Pablo neruda)

The farm

My father Giovanni, better known by everybody as “Nanni”, planted the olive trees in 1976, reforming the old, mixed cultivations coming from the Thirties. In 1985, the big chill in Tuscany killed 90% of the olive trees. Since then, new trees, or the new sets of the old trunks, have been skilfully driven to today plantation.

Since then the farm produces Extra Vergin Olive Oil (in brief EVOO or EVO in ...briefer) and giaggiolo (we belong to the Castelfranco Cooperative of Giaggiolo) on the right bank of Greve river, near “Caprolo” (4 km east of Greve in Chianti).

Since 2015 a new field, placed on the left bank of Greve river, has been acquired : 2 hectares near Monterfioralle, the most renowned “terroir” for EVO in our area. Montefioralle village, enchanted hamlet upon Greve in Chianti, belong to the association of the “most beatiful hamlets of Italy”.