New EVOO benefits

Every year, since many years, I ship the just-squeezed EVOO to a schoolmate. And I wait.

I am waiting for a comment about the quality of the EVOO but weeks are gone and nothing happens. So I give him a ring and kindly ask: "have you tasted the new EVOO?" Invariably the answer is always the same : “forgive me, we are about to finish the EVOO of last year and then we will start with the new one”.

After so many years I have surrendered: I am not explaining again that we should use the new EVOO as much as possible till it is still “new”. That such itching sensation means a high content of poliphenols, a powerful group of anti-oxydant elements that makes EVOO a highly healthy food. Besides the “good” fatty acids and a certain quantity of omega-3 and omega-6, EVOO contains oleocanthal, a particular substance that works similarly to an anti-inflammatory medicine. Clearly we are talking about a food which cannot carries the dosage of a medicine used in a therapy.

Unfortunately, EVOO most healthy properties fade with time: it is essential then to preserve it properly in order to maintain vitamins, polyphenols and unsaturated fatty acids as long as possible, so keep it away from light and air contact. In my experience, EVOO can be conserved up top 3 years without turning rancid, if properly stored.

Nevertheless, once the new EVVO arrives, I suggest to use the one of last year for cooking , since it will still convey taste and structure to any preparation.

Besides above considerations, new EVOO on a slice of good bread it is a short-lasting pleasure that we should enjoy as much as possible, till those fresh scents of herbs and vegetables fade inevitably.

As of today, 90% of Galestrino is on the table of my clients. Never mind if my schoolmate has not yet opened the bottle : he does not know what he is missing!

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